Anti-Drug Action

Our vision is comprised of a society free of addiction and drug-related dependency. We envision a society with no drugs and drug-related addictive substances, outdated perceptions as well as practices.


The era of change

P.A.D.A. is here to inform young individuals with regards to drug addiction with the aim to produce change in already-existing dysfunctional drug-related perspectives.



Our vision is a society without addictions.

Discharged from the destructive consequences of drug abuse, but also from outdated concepts, attitudes and practices.

The era of changes we are going through requires and imposes a redefinition of actions and a constant updating, without complacency, in all aspects of social life.

Our Institute is orientated towards parents, guardians, teachers in educational institutions and in general towards those who contribute to the education of young people and teenagers and aims to shield them against the challenges of addictions.

Anti-Drug Action


Equipped with the best and most experienced scientific staff, we created an organization to protect, inform, promote, and tackle the epidemic of drug addiction, drug abuse and drug dependency; a significantly important societal matter which despite our society’s efforts has not been addressed sufficiently.


The P.A.D.A. Institute

Following the foundation of the P.A.D.A. Institute, our operations officially began on the 21st of March 2022. We launched our first meeting at the President Hotel where the P.A.D.A. team met with stakeholders and representatives from several social and scientific groups and discussed about the ongoing problem of drug addiction. Yiannis Rachovitsas, the President and Founder of the Institute, discussed the first steps and activities in relation to the Institute's actions with all attendees. Associate expert scientists of the P.A.D.A. Institute from several Balkan countries attended the meeting too. The discussion was fruitful and P.A.D.A. aspires to provide information on the epidemic of drugs within the realistic dimensions of the problem.


News & Publications

Here you can see News & Publications about P.A.D.A Institute.

P.A.D.A. Institute - New Year's cake cutting

With the blessings of the Reverend Metropolitan Mr. Gabriel, the P.A.D.A. Institute - Anti-Drug Action cut its New Year's cake. Ten months from its start, the P.A.D.A. Institute is full of actions that set the foundations for future activities for our young people.

05 Feb, 7 p.m.

President Hotel Athens

Interview "river" by G. Rachovitsas on

The Honorary Deputy Chief of the Hellenic Police, Yannis Rachovitsas, gave an interview to, talking about his career in the tough field of drugs, the personalities who stigmatized him and the changes that the glorious Body of the Hellenic Police needs...

15 Jan, 7 p.m.


Vasilios Kyriazakis - We hear a lot: what can we do as parents?

Speech by Vasilios Kyriazakis entitled “We hear a lot: what can we do as parents?” in the context of the informative event of the P.A.D.A. Institute - Anti-Drug Action and the Region of Central Greece, in Lamia.

08 Dec, 9 p.m.

Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lamia



-Promotion and development of activities for the protection against drugs.

-Integration and implementation of actions which aim in the holistic treatment of drug addiction.

-Organization of events.

-Conduction of seminars, workshops, charitable events, counseling and training programs, lectures, courses, and conferences.

-Publication of books, magazines, brochures, prospective programs, scientific research, and overall publications in relation to the activity of the P.A.D.A. Institute.

The Team


Our Institute is staffed by people who advocate our action and aim to contribute to the research and information gathering on drug protection nationally and internationally.

Governing Committee